Linking to

  1. STEP 1Go to the Settings Menu and find the DevPlay Login button


      BRIXITY: 1step image

      From Menu > User Info,
      tap DevPlay Login
      *The Settings button appears in the top-right of the screen after reaching Restoration Phase 4.

    • CookieRun: Kingdom

      CookieRun: Kingdom: 1step image

      Go to Menu > Settings > Account
      and tap the DevPlay Login button in CookieRun: Kingdom!

  2. STEP 2Link Your Account

    *Make sure to log in with
    the same account!


      BRIXITY: 2step image
    • CookieRun: Kingdom

      CookieRun: Kingdom: 2step image

    Choose a method to log into DevPlay!
    Make sure to log in with
    the SAME ACCOUNT in both
    CookieRun: Kingdom
    to complete all the missions!

BRIXITY button
  • * Please note that you must link the same DevPlay account for BRIXITY and CookieRun: Kingdom to claim the event rewards.
  • * The event rewards will be delivered to your CookieRun: Kingdom mailbox within an hour of completing missions.
  • * Event rewards can be claimed once per account.